Trump’s Lack of Regulation May Make Some Farmers Very RichPacific Standard

Not all farmers view the regulations in a negative light. For a farmer like Oswald, regulations provide accountability to everyone involved in the business of agriculture. “We all have to live within laws,” he says. “I don’t personally know anyone who has been impacted by regulations.”

Up in the Air: NASA’s Uncertain Future Under Donald Trump, Pacific Standard

“Generally, in the past, as non-defense discretionary spending has diminished, NASA tends to diminish in that budget too,” Dreier says. “So if the overall budget goes down despite the intentions to make it good, NASA won’t be able to go much of anywhere. NASA policy doesn’t drive budgetary policy. It’s the other way around.”

One of the challenges with photographing wild babies, Scott says, presented itself when she realized she had no idea which species were going to be born when. “For the years I was shooting, I was nervous that I’d be able to find enough subjects within the constraints of the deadlines,” she says. “I shot within the peak of baby season and then wouldn’t shoot for six months.”

How a cast of ghosts and goblins revived the spirits of a Midwest neighborhoodNarratively

October nights are a particularly special time in the West Bottoms, when the skeletal remains of industry take on a more festive atmosphere. Fiery-colored gargoyles overlook the rows of bricked-up windows as maniacal laughter booms over hidden loudspeakers. Fanged clowns stalk the area’s cracked streets, startling groups of visitors as they huddle together to brave the chilly fall air.

Limitations of limitsIllumination

It takes most rookie legislators about four years to learn the intricacies of their new jobs, Valentine says. The social organization of the two chambers, details of procedure and process, the balance of statewide versus local interests, management of caucus expectations: all are part of a new lawmaker’s education.

“By the time they gain this knowledge, they only have a relatively short time to utilize it before their term limit expires,” Valentine says. “In addition, the absence of experienced legislators precludes learning from more experienced peers.”

Into Worry Born, Illumination

KAY-LEA EPPERSON, 19, and her husband Nathan, struggle with the isolation and lack of social activities. “There’s not a lot to do [in Moberly],” said Epperson, who gave birth to her daughter, Gracie, on October 30, 2012. “Not having transportation makes it even harder,” she says.

Status FoeBitch

When she isn’t tending to crops on Farmville, she finds herself asking, “What did I do wrong? Where did I so obviously make a huge mistake?”

Why Zines Won’t DieGOOD

In their heyday, zines had Factsheet 5-a zine of zines that reviewed the newest editions-to help separate the wheat from the chaff. But that publication went under sometime around the end of grunge, leaving collectors no choice but to spend their cash on what might be an inferior product. Now, though, since fewer people still make zines, the ones that have lasted tend to be the more impressive ones. “Before the internet, there were [a lot of] crappy-looking zines with really bad writing,” says Gavin Frederick, a distributor from Atlanta. “Now all those people have blogs, because it’s cheaper.”